World e-Parliament Conference 2014: Lessons learned and future horizons

The World e-Parliament Conference is the biennial forum of the community of parliaments on their use of information and communication technologies (ICT). It addresses, from both the policy and technical perspectives, how ICT can help improve representation, law-making and oversight and increase parliament’s openness, accessibility, accountability and effectiveness. The Conference  is co-organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the National Assembly of Republic of Korea, in cooperation with the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament.

The World e-Parliament Conference 2014, to take place in Seoul on 8, 9 and 10 May 2014 at the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, builds on the results of five previous conferences held respectively in Geneva (2007), Brussels (2008), Washington D.C. (2009), Johannesburg (2010) and Rome (2012), as well as on the activities undertaken by the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament, a joint initiative of the IPU and the United Nations, since 2007.

The overarching theme of the Word e-Parliament Conference 2014 is “Lessons learned and future horizons”. By focusing on this theme, the sixth World e-Parliament Conference intends to take stock of the progress made by the parliamentary community in responding to citizens’ calls for greater institutional openness and dialogue. At the same time, it will look at the emerging and future challenges that parliaments will need to address to keep pace with technological change in society.

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